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Call Toll Free: 1-866-474-6450

     Call Direct: 1-513-451-9176



Comprehensive Wellness Consultations



Initial Consultations:          $  60     -  up to  45 minutes

   Office or Phone/Skype       $ 130    -  up to  90 minutes



Follow-Up Consults:           $  20 for 15 minute consultation

   Office or Phone/Skype       $  30 for 30 minute consultation

                                          $  65 for 60 minute consultation


Compass Assessments:    $ 45 1st scan

                                         $ 20 -rescans (30 to 90 days later)

Email consultations:
Basic questions are answered at no charge.

In-depth and complex questions will be referred to set up a time for a phone or in-person consultation.


First Consult:  I  require new clients to complete an online health assesment along with a Disclaimer Form. Your first appointment which will last less than an hour depending on how many questions you have and the length/severity of your complaints. 

Click Below To Request An Appointment !


Follow-Up Consults: This is when we learn what the remedies (that you indicated at the first consult) have done for you.  We will chart your progress, and see what health projects need further attention.  Follow up appointments will last about 1/2 hour or less depending on your progress and will be about one month after your initial consult (or less with severely threatening health conditions).

Phone /Email consults:  This is a convenience for clients that I’ve already seen or which may have come from a distance, or have trouble getting in to see me for various reasons.

Form - Phone/Email consult:  I must have a signed consent form on file before I make any self-heal recommendations.  If I already have a form on file for you, then you need not fill another one out - just call or email and tell us you want a phone/email consult and why.  If I don’t have a signed consent form from you, please print this form out, fill it out, make sure to sign the disclaimer and fax it back.  All the instructions are on the consult form link.

Open Clinic: This is a drop-in, no-appointment-needed clinic; you may drop-in at your convenience subject to waiting(preference is given to those with SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS).