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Shelton Hendriex started his study of herbs and natural healing after three years of consulting with fifteen different medical professional and specialist - all to no avail.  In the final analysis, a systemic Candida Fungal infection was the primary factor in all of my unknown ills which was brought on by the over-use of anti-biotics.  
After discovering the wealth and power of natural cures, he went  from spending 18 hours daily in-bed to playing full court basketball.
With a bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1981 and an Associate's in Theology from the Christian Life College of Theology, Shelton is available as a guest for lecturing for companies, churches, trade shows or seminars; and for a variety of classes on various topics in natural health care.
Shelton's background in natural health consist of earning a CNHP(Certified Natural Health Professional) designation. Further education and training includes both a N.D.(Doctor of Naturopathy) degree and M.H.(Master Herbalist) degree from Trinity College of Natural Health.  As well as being the owner of The Herb Shop in Cincinnati which was established in September 2001.
Article:  The Herb Shop (A West Side Health Oasis)
Over these 15 years in practice our clients have improved or recovered from many conditions including; chronic fatigue, diabetes, cancer, psoriasis, lyme disease, chronic constipation, kidney failure, adrenal fatigue, Liver problems, gallstones, depression, reproductive health, dysbiosis of the intestines, acne, skin conditions, sleeping problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, herniated or thinned discs, reproductive deficiency, menstrual cramps, memory and focus problems, mercury/chemical poisoning, autism, hyper and hypo Thyroid, vision improvement and much more including many difficult and sometimes unknown conditions.  Shelton has been in full time private practice for 15 years.