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Our  Best  Selling  Products                    

Image result for curamin awards


Image result for curamin awards


$20.95 21-cnt

$38.95 60-cnt

$66.95 120-cnt


$46.95 Extra Strength



$83.95 Extra Strength





Got Pain?

Get Curamin® -Safe and Effective Pain Relief*†

  • Most effective curcumin available
  • Features clinically proven BCM-95® bioavailable curcumin
  • Ingredient efficacy confirmed in published human studies

When pain is the problem, Curamin® is the answer.*†
Blending four powerful, effective and clinically proven ingredients into one award-winning product provides an unprecedented level of natural relief.*†

Curamin® combines clinically proven BCM-95® Curcumin and BosPure® Boswellia with DLPA and nattokinase to create a product that has been recognized throughout the natural products industry for pain relief.*† When pain is the problem, Curamin® is the answer.*†

The Secret of Curamin's Power

What's the secret? Combining the best of the best. Curamin contains a super-absorption curcumin called BCM-95 that can be up to 10 times stronger than plain curcumin products.

Curamin has received 26 awards for the category of Pain & Inflammation over the past several years in a row!



FOX News Article

Do You Have Back Pain?

† Occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse




$29.95 200mg 60-cnt


$34.95  375mg 60-cnt

 $62.95  375mg 120-cnt



$60.95  750mg 60-cnt

$109.95  750mg 120-cnt




Terry Naturally CuraMed® Description


  • With Clinically Studied BCM-95®
  • Healthy Inflammation Response
  • Superior Absorption Curcumin
  • Equivalent to Up to 10 Capsules of Plain Curcumin


Safe, Studied, Effective

• BCM-95 Curcumin used in 12 groundbreaking, published studies

• The only patented curcumin with turmeric essential oils

• Superior support for a healthy inflammation response

• Supports liver, brain, heart, and immune health

• Protects cells from oxidative stress and free radicals

• High antioxidant ORAC value <1,000,000

• From non-GMO turmeric grown without chemicals


Amazing Absorption!

• CuraMed provides 250 mg of pure curcuminoids per softgel

• BCM-95 has up to 10 times better absorption

• One CuraMed softgel is equivalent to up to 250 capsules of plain turmeric





Recommendations: Take 1 softgel daily, may increase as desired. using patented technology, this proprietary complex provides enhance absorption and sustained retention time at meaningful levels in the body.
All ingredients established in human studies for safety and effectiveness.
Does not interfere with stomach, liver or kidney function.
It contains natural ingredients. Color variations are normal.
Free Of
Sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring and preservatives.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


$69.95 per bottle

180 count 


$69.95 per bottle

3.3 fl oz(100mL)




Kardovite is a heart tonic for adults containing a unique blend of 7 powerful herbal extracts which:

  • Reduces risk factors associated with heart disease
  • Improves circulation & delivery of oxygen/nutrients to vital organs
  • Speeds the removal of toxins from the body
  • Strengthens the blood vessels and capillaries
  • Delivers higher energy, endurance and athletic performance
  • Improves overall health and vitality


A safe and effective way to help your heart beat 100,800 times per day
for many years to come!



 Read More Information Here




13.5 ml bottle


This is the true wild oregano oil P73 in a physicians strength version, a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown on natural mineral rich soils. This growing condition along with our dedication to a chemical and alcohol free extraction is the reason P73 Oreganol oil has a unique chemical profile, which is ideal for human consumption. This same oregano species can be grown elsewhere and not have the same effect of the P73, it is truly one of a kind. Oreganol P73 can be used either internally or topically. Safe for everyday use.



$29.99 60 count

$86.99 90 count

Oregacillin is the most powerful oregano multiple spice extract available. Oregacillin is made from natural herb and spice oils, including the proprietary P73 wild oregano blend. This blend is then converted naturally to a concentrated powder many times more powerful than the oil. It is also a powerful antioxidant. The antioxidant properties of Oregacillin have been found to be more potent than vitamin E.





BCI is not currently available!


Click Here To  See Replacement Plan





Now, BCI Bindng Cellular Impurties  by Dr Gary Gordon


formerly (BC-I Beyond Chelation Improved, Longevity Plus, 30 packs)

For over fifteen years, thousands of people have relied upon the oral chelation benefits of Beyond Chelation™ to support the detoxification of their body and improve blood circulation.

Now, with a new updated formula, Beyond Chelation Improved™ has more of the vital ingredients for cardiovascular, detoxification and optimal health support*.

Beyond Chelation Improved™ now has Vitamin K-2, Resveratrol, and the purest available Omega 3 oils, EDTA, Tocotrienols and more.

This formula provides the finest multi-vitamin/mineral available and essential ingredients to feed the heart, oral chelators to help rid the body of heavy metals and help control chronic inflammation, which may be a factor in heart attacks and strokes*.






View Video concerning Dr. Gary Gordon recognized as

the "Father of Oral Chelation".





Beyond Fiber, 504 grams, Longevity Plus

Beyond Fiber is a unique combination of soluble and insoluble fiber in an ideal ratio, for optimal bowel function.* It is derived from stabilized rice bran and the root of the Jerusalem Artichoke plant.

Longevity Plus Beyond Fiber helps support:

  • Prevention of weight gain
  • Improved elimination of toxins
  • Immune system function
  • Improved absorption and utilization of nutrients
  • Healthy candida levels
  • Optimal health and healthy detox.






Zeo Gold, 30 Capsules, Longevity Plus

Zeo Gold from Longevity Plus is an advanced Zeolite product that is designed to support the effective reduction of toxic body burden (TBB), of toxic heavy metal neurotoxins and free radicals.*

Dr. Garry F. Gordon writes:
Zeo Gold is a natural enhanced Zeolite with a Golden color, consisting of uniquely formed Hydro colloidal zeolite particles surrounding the larger crystals of clinoptilolite Zeolite. It forms in the petrified bubbles of the clinoptilolite volcanic rocks with a crystallite sieve size of less than a micron and is considerably smaller than the normal clinoptilolite with the same cage opening size.

This previously unavailable scarcer Hydro colloidal particle is an enhancement over other clinoptilolite zeolites as it provides ultra high surface area for more effective absorption without nano sizing (0ver 10 times the effective surface area) and has the higher cation exchange capacity for metal removal than any of the clinoptilolites we can find information on.



10% Discount in Cart



Tiao He Cleanse®, Chinese [Intestinal] is a 15-day nutritional program designed to help the body achieve tiao he—balance and harmony. It combines Chinese nutritional and Western herbal experience. The Tiao He Cleanse is designed to support the cleansing mechanisms of the body by targeting the intestinal and digestive systems.

• Promotes the healthy cleansing of metabolic waste.
• Supports intestinal regularity.
• May improve energy and well-being.

( Read More... )



15% Discount in Cart



ALJ® [Respiratory] is the key product for the respiratory system. Airborne particles are everywhere. When particles enter the respiratory system via the nose or the mouth, the body turns on its cleansing mechanisms, and the immune system is put on active duty. Herbal nourishment supports a healthy respiratory system that can be challenged by inhaled irritants.

ALJ combines selected herbal ingredients to nourish the immune and respiratory systems.This formula supports healthy lung function and helps support the body during seasonal changes. It also encourages the entire respiratory tract to gently cleanse itself and helps promote respiratory tissue health. ( Read More... )



15% Discount in Cart


Probiotic Eleven provides 11 species of live microorganisms that exert many beneficial health effects. Among other things, they support digestion, promote immunity and aid in the elimination of toxins. Probiotics also help regulate intestinal functions and can greatly support colon function. This specially formulated blend contains strains of important gut-beneficial organisms and prebiotics (non-digestible foodstuffs, including fiber) that serve as food for the probiotics in the colon. Clinical studies have shown that short- and long-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) may improve growth of friendly microorganisms, enhance mineral absorption, support bowel health and function, and promote immune function.

Ingredients include deleted strains of Bifidobacterium bifidum, B. infantis, B. longum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, L. brevis, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, Streptococcus thermophilus, L. acidophilus, L. casei and inulin.

 ( Read More... )



15% Discount in Cart



Gentle Move®[Intestinal] is designed to hydrate intestinal lumen by attracting and retaining fluid within the colon. This helps soften stool and provides soothing nutrients to the intestinal system.Gentle Move® is specially formulated to utilize the three different laxative mechanisms: providing bulk, osmotic hydration and mild stimulant action.

Gentle Move® features a proprietary blend of magnesium hydroxide and herbs. Triphala extract is an Ayurvedic combination of dried fruits used as a “health harmonizer.” Traditionally, triphala is considered a gentle laxative that supports digestive and intestinal health. Magnesium hydroxide is a natural salt of magnesium, an essential mineral that specifically attracts and retains fluid within the colon. Gentle Move®’s herbal blend also contains yellow dock root, ginger rhizome, marshmallow root and slippery elm bark to aid digestion and provide soothing action to the digestive tract.
( Read More... )


$26.95 90 caps

(90 caps/30 day supply)


$45.95 180 caps

(90 caps/30 day supply)



Life's Fortune®Multi-Vitamin & MineralAll Natural Energy SourceSupplying Whole Food Concentrates.

Award & Recognition

Trusted by medical doctors and professionals, naturopaths, experts in the health food industry, retailers, and consumers alike. Life's Fortune Full Spectrum Multivitamin & Minerals has received the highest industry recognition. We are honored to have received the follwoing award.

Best of Supplements 2010

Better Nutrition Magazine, the leading supplement magazine in the USA honored Life's Fortune Multivitamin & Mineral as "The Best Supplement" in the multivitamin and mineral catergory.



180 capsules


Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed

610 mg, Capsules


Fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum) is an annual Mediterranean and Asiatic herb with aromatic seeds. It is used around the world as a culinary spice and food that is soothing to the stomach. Often used to increase milk production for breast feeding mothers.


Warnings: Not for use during pregnancy.




(2-25 fl. oz.)


15% Discount in Cart



Thai-Go® [Vital Nutrition, Immune] is a blend of the most healthful fruits and nutritional supplements from all over the world.Thai-Go is replete with xanthones, bioflavonoids and powerful antioxidants.

Among Thai-Go’s key ingredients ismangosteen, a tasty fruit found in eastern tropical nations, such as Thailand.Mangosteen and its pericarp contain the greatest known supply of compounds called xanthones. ( Read More... )